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Privacy Policy

Basic policy on the protection of personal information

Based on the hospital's basic philosophy, we develop our hospital to contribute to the community and to be trusted by everyone. We recognize that our patients' personal information obtained for medical treatment is their important personal property, and we treat it with care and give it the best security. To protect our patients’ personal information accurately and to meet the patients' trust, we have hereinafter clarified our policy here.

1.Observance of law
We observe the law concerning the protection of personal information and other rules.
2.About the collection of personal information
We collect our patients' personal information that only pertains to their health.
3.About the use and the disclosure of personal information
We do not use our patients' information outside the original purpose of the use. When we have to disclose our patients' personal information for other purposes, we inform our patients of the purpose of disclosure and obtain our patients’ consent on it in advance. Also, our patients’ personal information is not offered to the third party without the permission of the patients, except when the patients' prior consent has been obtained or the law allows it.
4.About the proper management of personal information
We keep patients' personal information secure and up to date. We try to take necessary and appropriate measures to guarantee the security of information and to prevent leak, loss, destruction and manipulation of information or the illegal computer hacking from happening.
5.About the presentation or the correction of personal information
We promptly act in accordance with the law that governs personal information and our hospital rules upon receiving our patients' inquiries and requests for presentation, suspension of use, correction, and deletion of their personal information.
6.Review of policy
This basic policy and our hospital rules are continuously reviewed for improvement.

About the use and the presentation of patients' personal information

Person in charge and information counter

  • (1) The person in charge of the management of personal information management in this hospital is Masayuki Yamamoto, the Director of this hospital.
  • (2) The personal information counter is in the medical consultation room. Please feel free to bring your opinions or suggestions or you can come with inquiries about your personal information.

Purpose of the use and presentation of patients' personal information

1.In hospital
(1) Medical services offered to patient
(2) Medical insurance
(3) Management of wards such as admission and discharge
(4) Accounting
(5) Report of malpractice etc.
(6) Improvement of medical services
(7) Cooperation in healthcare practice
(8) Case research for the improvement of the quality of healthcare
(9) Other patient management
2.Outside hospital
(1) Cooperation with other hospitals, clinics, maternity centers, pharmacies, homevisit nursing care stations, and nursing services
(2) Answers to inquiries from other medical institutions
(3) Request to outside doctors for opinions or advice on our patients'diagnosis and treatment
(4) Explanation on medical condition to family etc.
(5) Consignment of specimen examination etc.
(6) Consignment of medical insurance
(7) Presentation of receipts to the audit organization
(8) Answers to inquiries from the audit organization or insurers
(9) Result notification to the companies that consign medical check up
(10) Consultation with or report to health care-related groups or insurance companies concerning the doctor liability insurance
(11) Utilization of our patients' medical insurance
(1) Basic principles for the maintenance and the improvement of medical services and business
(2) Presentation to external inspection organization
(3) Presentation at congresses for the development of healthcare

Privacy protection

  • (1) We believe that the protection of our patients' privacy is an important issue.
  • (2) Please feel free to call on our staff or try the medical consultation room for the information on different kinds of treatment from the ones that we administer.

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