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Vision and Policy

Our vision

We will develop our hospital to contribute to the community healthcare and to be trusted by everyone.

Basic policy

We offer warm healthcare services to all of our patients.
We practice holistic healthcare that values the dignity of individual and the quality of life.
We always make strong efforts to develop our skills and to enhance our knowledge in order for us to offer better healthcare services.

Patient rights

Patients have the right to receive high-quality impartial medical treatment.
Patients have the right to receive explanation in plain words.
Patients have the right to choose, with the proper help of explanation by our medical staff, the examination, medical treatment and nursing that they feel most comfortable with full understanding.
Patients have the right to receive every consideration for privacy.
Patients have the right to receive access to all information pertaining to their medical treatment, such as examination results, treatment progress and so forth.

Asking patients to follow rules

There are lots of people under health care plans in the hospital. Please be aware that there are many people who need a medical attention as much as you do; so, please be nice to each other. Also, please follow our hospital rules and our staff's instruction so that all patients can receive healthcare services in a comfortable and orderly environment.

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